Region 5 Director’s Post-Conference Letter

Dear Region 5 ASPAN Leaders,

It was so great to see you all at conference. It helps me feel connected to you and I think it brings us all a little closer to our purpose, serving our membership. I was so honored to be able to introduce all of Region 5 Component Presidents. Thanks for attending National Conference. I want to be able to help each of you be a leader within your component.

Our members (including us) pay money to belong to ASPAN and to our various components. Are we serving their needs and providing the education and meetings they need to help feel connected to us and to our organization? Let’s use this energy to keep us focused on the great ideas and suggestions we gave to one another while brainstorming at conference.

These are some of the things I am asking you to share with me:

  1. What is your succession plan? I would like you to send me the names/emails of your executive board members (president, VP, secretary, treasurer) as well as any names of people you think are important for me to know within your component.
  2. Give me an idea of what you need from me in the next 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
  3. Give me a list of the Educational offerings you currently have planned and/or tentative dates so I can share them with the other Presidents in our components. In our Region meeting we discovered that a conference in Chattanooga, TN is close enough for the Georgia members to attend. I will send a list to everyone as soon as I have all the dates.
  4. We discussed my ability to come to your component. ASPAN will pay my airfare/travel. Your component should plan a place for me to stay and workshop expenses such as tuition, meals and assistance to and from the airport. If your component needs financial assistance for this, please let me know what seems reasonable and I will plan on having ASPAN place it into the budget for my traveling to components.
  5. I would like some designated time at your meeting to discuss an ASPAN update and/or a review of our strategic plan.
  6. Plan on LDI September 16-18 in Cincinnati, OH. It is an important opportunity to help develop your component leaders.
  7. Review your bylaws with your secretary. Make sure they are up to date and say in them what you really need and/or want. Make sure the national office has a copy. If you are having trouble establishing a succession plan, make sure you are able to grow leaders. Don’t have bylaws that are so restrictive that you can’t work with them. Such as "must have certification, must have 3 years as a member…" We can mentor and grow people to be successful.
  8. When will you need an article from me for your newsletter? Are there any things you would like to have me speak to?
  9. We also talked about each component should have a “Notebook”. Some Components call it a Crisis Notebook. It makes transitioning easier as it would have important documents, phone numbers, insurance policies, passwords etc. Kevin Dill in the National office can help with information that should be in this book.


Thank you for meeting with me at conference but more importantly, thank you for your time and commitment to ASPAN and your members.


Kim Godfrey BSN, RN, CPAN
ASPAN Regional Director, Region Five

Updated 5.17.2016