Application for Certification

CPAN®/CAPA® Certification Candidate Handbook

The CPAN & CAPA Certification Candidate Handbook describes all information and policies regarding the CPAN/CAPA examinations and administrations. You must read this Handbook thoroughly and carefully before registering for examinations.

Please note that there are two significant changes to what was previously printed in the handbook. Based on the very low number of candidates who registered for an examination in Spring 2009 using a scannable paper application, the ABPANC Board of Directors has determined that scannable paper applications will no longer be available, beginning immediately. In addition, because only six candidates opted to take an examination at the 2009 ASPAN Conference site, administered via paper/pencil, examination administrations will no longer be offered in conjunction with the ASPAN National Conference.

The CPAN & CAPA Certification Candidate Handbook and Appendices are available on their website in PDF form. You can now read and/or download specific sections of the Candidate Handbook and Appendices booklet in pdf format.
Updated 1.26.17