CBSPAN’s ABPANC Leadership Resource Team & Certification Coaches

CBSPAN’s Leadership Resource Team:

The ABPANC Leader Resource Team (ALRT) is comprised of former members of the ABPANC Board of Directors, current and former ASPAN Board members, former Champions, and current and former Component leaders at the national, regional, or state level who are interested in promoting ABPANC through communicating the value of CPAN®/CAPA® certification. These individuals are invited to join this team and are willing to supplement the current ABPANC Board of Directors in exhibiting and attending other identified meetings in their region.


CBSPAN Leadership Resource Team members are:

For information about certification or a description of a Certification Coach, please contact Connie.


Certification Coaches:

The ABPANC Certification Coach is interested in assisting CPAN® and CAPA® examination candidates, at the grassroots level, to prepare for the certification examination. Volunteers for this position are able to speak passionately about the value of CPAN® and CAPA® certification and are willing to assist and encourage not-yet-certified colleagues in becoming certified.

The coach may organize study groups and serve as a resource to perianesthesia nurses seeking certification. Through the study group the coach recruits, supports and promotes CPAN® and CAPA® certification in the institution in which they are employed, or at a district, state and/or regional level.


CBSPAN Certification Coaches are:

Updated: 12.16.2016