Available CBSPAN Awards

President’s Award

The CBSPAN President’s Award is presented to an individual in recognition of exemplary service to CBSPAN.

Award Criteria

  1. Makes a significant, positive impact on CBSPAN or a CBSPAN member through collaboration. Examples include (but are not limited to): Helping a colleague with hands on work of creating a project, setting up a study group for certification, taking over seminar tasks in an emergency or resignation, being the “go to person” who is able to respond to questions about CBSPAN.
  2. Makes a significant contribution to the current work of CBSPAN. Examples include (but are not limited to): A committee member accepting an extra assignment, a strong commitment to growing CBSPAN membership, certification, etc.
  3. Makes a positive impact on service excellence in promoting CBSPAN in the community or the workplace. Examples include (but are not limited to): Organizing  a PANAW celebration in the workplace, organizing a fundraiser for local charities, working at local health fairs, speaking to community groups on a health related topic, speaking to student nurses and promoting CBSPAN.


  • Nominations may be made to the President or Immediate Past President of CBSPAN.
  • Nominations for the CBSPAN President’s Award must be submitted or discussed by January 25.
  • Must be a current ASPAN/CBSPAN member
  • Award recipients are eligible to receive only one CBSPAN award per year.


  • A certificate of recognition for service
  • $100 gift certificate
  • Recognition on the website and in the CBSPANNE
  • Recognition at the annual CBSPAN PANAW celebration


CBSPAN Clinical Excellence Award:

The process for selecting the recipient of the Clinical Excellence Award is made objectively by a Committee appointed by the CBSPAN Executive Board. The nomination is written in a manner of anonymity, leaving out any specific and identifying characteristics of the nominee. Only the committee chair will have the identifying nominee information; the committee will review and assess the accomplishments and credentials of the nominee only.

Criteria for Nominees

  1. Nominee is a member in good standing of ASPAN and CBSPAN.
  2. Nominee is an active member of his/her District, or the Component, participating on committees, projects and in some manner furthering the mission of the Component.
  3. Nominee will have been actively employed in the perianesthesia setting for at least 5 years.
  4. Nominee presents a professional image of nursing and promotes the profession as well as demonstrates a commitment to the practice of perianesthesia nursing.
  5. Nominee is CAPA and/or CPAN certified


  1. Please fill in the application with the nominee’s information and submit it only to the chairperson of the committee.
  2. There must be two letters of recommendation about the nominee for the Excellence in Clinical Practice award.
Download 2015 Clinical Excellence Award Guidelines
Download 2015 CBSPAN Clinical Excellence Award Application

ASPAN Awards

Award for Outstanding Achievement:

Purpose of the Award:
To recognize and honor individuals whose dedication to excellence has furthered the art and science of perianesthesia nursing.

Application packet due November 30th
Click here for application: AOA_Nomination_Form_2015
For further information: www.aspan.org (under Member/Awards)


Above and Beyond Service Recognition:

Purpose of the Award:
The ASPAN Above & Beyond Service Recognition Awards are given to individuals in recognition of exemplary service to ASPAN and/or their component.

Application due January 1st
For further information/qualifications: ASPAN.org


Excellence in Clinical Practice:

Purpose of the Award:
To recognize and support excellence in clinical nursing practice in perianesthesia nursing.

To be completed by District:
October 15 Nomination forms with 2 letters of reference submitted by applicant
November 15 Section II of form due from nominee to District Chair
January 15 Selection made by District Committee and returned to District BOD
PANAW celebration All nominees and winner announced, award presented

To be completed by Component:
Fall Component Seminar/Membership Meeting Component winner announced and award presented
December 1 Component award winner submitted to ASPAN

Click here for application: ECP Nomination Forms 2015
For additional information: http://www.aspan.org


Gold Leaf Component of the Year Award

Purpose of the Award:

  • To recognize excellence in component leadership and member development, communication, education services and community relations;
  • To encourage quality component management;
  • To recognize with distinction and visibility the efforts and results of meaningful activities that build a strong component;
  • To benchmark standards.

Application due February 1
Click here for application: 2014_Gold_Leaf_Application (for 2015)
For additional information: http://www.aspan.org


Advocacy Award

Purpose of the Award:
The purpose of the ABPANC Advocacy Award is to publicly recognize the CPAN® and/or CAPA® certified nurse who exemplifies leadership as a patient advocate. Do you have a story to tell about how a CPAN® and/or CAPA® certified nurse advocated above and beyond one’s normal role to meet the needs of a perianesthesia patient and/or their family?

Application due February 1
Click here for application: Advocacy Award Application 2015
For further information: http://www.cpancapa.org


Shining Star Award

Purpose of the Award:
ABPANC’S Shining Star Award publicly recognizes ASPAN Components for supporting and encouraging CPAN® and CAPA® certification at the local level. All Components, meeting the following criteria, will be awarded the Shining Star Award at the annual CPAN®/CAPA® Celebration Event, held in conjunction with the ASPAN National Conference.

Application due: February 1
Click here for application: Shining Star Award Application 2015
For further information: http://www.cpancapa.org
Updated 1.27.17