CBSPAN Policy and Procedure Manual

CBSPAN President Job Description: 02-001 President CBSPAN Job Description

CBSPAN Vice President/President Elect Job Description: 02-002 Vice President CBSPAN Job Description

CBSPAN Historian Job Description: 02-003 CBSPAN Historian Job Description

CBSPAN Secretary Job Description: 02-004 CBSPAN Secretary Job Description

CBSPAN Treasurer Job Description: 02-005 CBSPAN Treasurer Job Description

CBSPAN Website and Newsletter Editor Job Description: 02-007 CBSPAN Webmaster Newsletter Editor Job Description

CBSPAN Board of Director’s Meeting Policy: 03-001 CBSPAN Board Meeting policy

CBSPAN Meeting Minutes Policy: 03-002 CBSPAN Meeting Minutes Policy

CBSPAN Leadership Transition Policy: 03-003 Leadership Transition Orientation Policy

CBSPAN Expense and Reimbursement Policy: 03-004 Expense and Reimbursement Policy

CBSPAN Leaders’ Reimbursement Policy: 03-006 Reimbursement Leaders policy


CBSPAN Leadership Transition Checklists:  located under Resource/Forms





Updated 6.20.2016