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Please Take Action

Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development programs provide the largest source of federal funding for nursing education, offering financial support for nursing education programs, individual students, and nurses.

Title VIII programs bolster nursing education from entry-level preparation through graduate study. According to HRSA, between FY 2006 and 2012 alone, these programs provided loans, scholarships, and programmatic support to over 450,000 nursing students and nurses. For five decades, these programs have helped build the supply and distribution of qualified nurses in all health care settings. It is imperative that Title VIII programs continue to thrive, as the U.S. Labor Statistic’s Employment Projections for 2012-2022 project nurse employment rates to grow by 19 percent, meaning that the nursing workforce will be over 1 million by 2022.

Therefore, please take action and read the attachment and the message from Dr. Suzanne Myiamoto. Call your representative before March 31st. This Federal funding is greatly needed in our nursing community.



CBSPAN’s Governmental Affairs representative is Margaret Farr Young, BSN,RN, M.Div., CPAN, CAPA

Margaret Farr Young
Updated 3.30.17