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Nursing Education for Electroconvulsive Therapy

Alisha Dancy, MSN, RN

March, 2015




CBSPAN Fall Conference held on October 18, 2014 at Christiana Hospital:

The Future of Nursing: Will YOU Be Ready?

Postoperative/Post Discharge Nausea & Vomiting in a Multispecialty Ambulatory Surgery Center

American Society for Pain Management Nursing: Evidence Based Guidelines on Monitoring for Opioid-Induced Sedation and Respiratory Depression

Leadership Style Transformation Leadership and the Magnet Journey

Pediatric Patients in the Perioperative Period

Patient and Family Centered Care in Perianesthesia Arena: It Starts with YOU


From CBSPAN’s 1st Annual PANAW Seminar, 2.8.2014:

Excellence in Nursing Practice Through Research,

EBP & Application to Bedside Patient Care

Kim A Noble, PhD, RN, CPAN

Part I        Overview to Research: Why Me?  Why Now?

Part II      The Beginning: The PICO Question; An EBP Start

Part III     Research Design: Breaking Hard Into Easy Pieces

Part IV     Hard or Soft: Quantitave vs Qualitative

Part V       Show Me the Money: Grants & IRB Application

Part VI     The Real Deal: Translating Research to Practice


From CBSPAN 2013 Fall Conference, 10.29.2013 :

Fatigue Management

Regional  Anesthesia in the PostAnesthesia Recovery Arena

Local Anesthetic Toxicity

Malignant Hyperthermia

Integrative Medicine

Integration of Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement and Research


From Johns Hopkins Hospital Nursing Journal Club, September 2013:

Connecting Research, Evidenced-Based Practice & Education with Daily Nursing Care

Trisha Ryan, MSN, MHA, RN    Acting Nurse Educator, PeriAnesthesia Nursing Services

Connecting Research, EBP & Education with Daily Nursing Care


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